Through strategic partnerships with non-profit organizations k'Boodle is committed to the following mission:
- Assist in raising awareness to the benefits of babywearing for infants with special needs by partnering with Lift Me Up: A non-profit program dedicated to providing ergonomic babywearing carriers to families who have children with special needs. http://babywearingtothrive.org/
- Assist in recycling gently loved carriers to families caring for children with special needs with the goal of connecting families to each other to create a community of care.
- Support families of children with special needs through articles and direct consultation while encouraging babywearing.lift me up babywearing to thrive k'Boodle diaper bag mission
If you are a family with a child that has a special need and you would like to learn more, contact k'Boodle diaper bag.  We are here to support families.
Additionally, k’Boodle diaper bag commits to simplify our complicated parenting life by systemically organizing the baby necessities into a creative and unique diaper bag that snaps onto most soft structure baby carriers.