Strap the k’Boodle diaper bag on to the carrier before putting the carrier on the adult.


Instructions image k'Boodle attachable diaper bag

  1. Lay the k’Boodle diaper bag face down on a table so the zippers are against the table.
  2. Lay the baby carrier face down on the k’Boodle diaper bag so the front of the carrier is touching the back of the k’Boodle diaper bag.
  3. Wrap the top straps of the k’Boodle diaper bag around the shoulder straps of carrier, snap
  4. Wrap the bottom straps of the k’Boodle diaper bag around the waist band of the carrier, snap
  5. Place the carrier on the adult, as usual.
  6. Once the baby is inside the carrier, straighten.
  7. Watch for bunching around the waistband as you walk, straighten. Enjoy!

Congratulations on your growing family!  The Attachable Diaper Bag by k’Boodle was invented when wearing my baby girl in a soft structured baby carrier.  I realized that I had no place to store the necessities of parenting, such as diapers, wipes, wallet, keys, and cell phone.  After finding there was not a solution in stores, my daughter and I created the Attachable Diaper Bag by k’Boodle. We launched our business in Santa Barbara and we are looking for feedback.

Please contact me once you have started to use the k’Boodle diaper bag to tell me what you think about the product.  I look forward to seeing your pictures and videos too!

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Congratulations and welcome to the k’Boodle family!


Safety Warning: FALL, CHOKING, & SUFFOCATION HAZARD This is NOT a baby carrier. Follow ALL warnings and instructions from baby carrier manufacturer. Attach accessory before wearing the baby carrier. Do not allow child to suck, chew, or ingest the accessory. Keep all parts and hanging items away from grasp of child. Do not use in hot weather. Use caution.


EXTREME CAUTION: FALL HAZARD Reduce falling and injury by using caution. Take extra care when leaning, walking, or bending. Never add more than one pound of weight to accessory. Do not over pack. 


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Spot clean when needed. Air dry. Due to straps, do not machine wash or dry.