- "I have taken k'Boodle on several trips and it has made each trip through the airport  a breeze.   I had everything I needed right in front of me. My snuggled safe baby, my wallet, my phone, all of my diapering essentials, snacks and a couple toys. k'Boodle's pockets are well placed. You can fit all of your essentials into the k'Boodle plus more for an over packer like myself. And then just attach! I have an ergo baby as a carrier, but it attaches to chairs too when we are more stationary.  Being a new mom has been overwhelming, but luckily with k'Boodle I can focus on my lil'E and be more mindful of all the miracles I experience   with her each day. Thank you, k'Boodle!" ~ Brenna: Portland, OR

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- I love this diaper bag! I wear my baby in the carrier all the time, and this makes life so much easier. I no longer need an additional bag to carry -- it holds my wallet, keys, cell phone, diapers, wipes, sunhat (baby's) and a couple onesies. I even house my older daughter's ballet slippers in the very bottom compartment for easy access when we go to dance class. I've also attached it to the stroller a few times when I don't want to take (yet another) bag of baby stuff somewhere. Really love it, wish it was around when I had my first child! -Elizabeth: Santa Barbara, CA

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-I love the diaper bag so much, best thing ever!  I'm not a big fan of pushing a stroller so this diaper bag is perfect for me especially in NYC where streets gets crowded and in train too. The diaper bag is so perfect. It holds a lot, still feel lightweight and hands free! Thank you so much and I'm so happy that I found k'Boodle! -Annieasia: New York, NY

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-I love it! I recently used it on a trip to Colorado and it made air travel so easy. I loved having my phone, ID, wipes, snacks easily accessible through security on the plane. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on how it looks and moms are amazed when I show them all the pockets. Great product! I’d recommend it to anyone who wears their baby. - Adrienne, Santa Barbara, CA

Attachable diaper bag by k'Boodle family


Imagine a lovely beach walk with my sleeping infant snuggled soundly against my heart in my favorite soft structure baby carrier when suddenly I reach into my back pocket to find my identification card and credit card missing. Frantically I search the beach, the parking lot, and the trash cans while fighting back desperate tears of fatigue and frustration.

Has this happened to you?

An energetic toddler bounces dangerously across the wet tile in the public bathroom as I attempt to safely change the foul diaper of my infant while scrambling through an over stuffed diaper bag to find that in fact I have forgotten the diapers.

As the designer of the k'Boodle diaper bag, I do not have to imagine any of these traumatic situations. As a mother, I have personally endured the trials of an overly exhausted parent seeking simple solutions to basic child care needs. Through these disasters of parenting the k'Boodle diaper bag is born of courage and faith.