Plan for Pregnancy, and Protect Your Budget, With These Simple Tips


Plan for Pregnancy, and Protect Your Budget, With These Simple Tips

Wherever you are in your baby journey, you will need to do some serious planning to be prepared for your little bundle of joy. But you also need to do some budgeting to keep your finances on track. So, how can you accomplish both without causing undue stress? By following these simple, budget-friendly pregnancy-planning tips.


Build a Healthy Diet Without Going Over Budget

You’re eating for two now, which means your appetite and nutrition needs are likely to change. While cravings for sweets and treats are normal, expectant moms should try to incorporate nutrient-rich foods into their diet to help baby stay healthy. Dried and fresh fruits, whole grains and lean proteins are all highly recommended to keep mother and infant strong, but these healthy foods can really put a strain on your budget.

Before you shop, be sure to check out grocery savings apps that can help cut down your growing food budget. Most stores have apps that offer paperless savings, but you may even be able to get cash back by using apps. Getting into the habit of using coupons and looking for discounts now will come in even handier when you are stocking up on groceries for an extra family member.


Save on Your Postpartum Wardrobe Essentials

Many expectant moms find creative ways to stretch their wardrobes through pregnancy. You can buy belly belts and other fun accessories that can make your normal clothes fit better over your changing body. Once you give birth, however, your wardrobe needs can drastically change. You may find yourself wanting specialty clothing, like nursing bras and tops, that can make caring for your new infant more convenient.

To save money on nursing bras, try shopping online and looking for stores that offer bundle discounts when you purchase multiple items. Another savvy tip to help you cut down on wardrobe costs is to shop second hand sites.


Score Freebies and Deals that Will Help You Nest

 If you are approaching your third trimester, you may begin to notice some unusual urges. Many pregnant women begin nesting, or making preparations at home to welcome their new baby. Nesting can mean cleaning your home from top to bottom, organizing everything around the house, or getting the baby’s nursery ready. You will want to make sure your nursery is set up to comfortably care for your little one, which means stocking up on a few essentials.

Shopping with the apps and coupons mentioned above can help you save on your nursery supplies, but you may even be able to get a few things for free. Many companies and organizations offer pro bono products and services to help new and expectant parents provide care for their babies. You can also check to see if your insurance will help cover baby essentials like breast pumps.


Be Careful when Shopping Second Hand Baby Gear

Buying your maternity and postpartum clothes second hand is a good way to save money, but buying used goods for your baby may not be such a smart idea. While you can definitely score baby clothes and toys that are safe and budget-friendly from thrift shops and second hand sites, be cautious about other items. For example, car seats and cribs are best purchased brand new, since safety standards tend to change often. Plus, it can be difficult to tell if these essentials have been damaged or will pose a safety risk to your child.

Instead of shopping second hand, try using online promo codes to get discounts on safety gear. There are multiple sites to research the best baby gear discounts, and most let you use promo codes without printing paper coupons.

Preparing for a baby can be demanding, but it doesn’t have to strain your budget. You can stock up on everything you and your new baby need, from diapers to breast pumps and beyond, with discounts, coupons and a little planning.