Fun and Educational Indoor Activities for Your Kids

Indoor Play Day: Fun and Educational Indoor Activities for Your Kids

Spring may not be far away but in many parts of the country, winter still has a few nasty surprises in store. That means you may be facing a weather cancellation and yet another day keeping your kids occupied and entertained. 

Obstacle course

No matter how hard you try, there’s no getting around kids blowing off some steam and burning off that pent-up energy, especially if they’re used to having gym class or playground time during their days. Fortunately, there are ways to accomplish that objective by letting them get some exercise without destroying valuable breakables in your living room or rec room. Set up an obstacle course using pillows, couch cushions and blankets. Mark off the boundaries of your obstacle course with yarn or string, identify a starting point with a piece of tape, make your own rules (i.e. everyone has to traverse the course doing the crab walk or sliding along like a snake), drape a blanket over some chairs, and pile up some pillows as an obstacle for your littles ones to surmount. Up the degree of difficulty by having them push a beach ball through the course with their nose.

Marshmallow slings

No, it’s not a drink. It’s another way of letting kids unleash their aggression without breaking something or putting someone’s eye out. Attach a plastic spoon to a chopstick with a rubber band, attach that to another chopstick so that it forms a “V” shape, and create a fulcrum using a couple of erasers. Place a large marshmallow in the spoon, and all that’s left is to load it up and fire! You can approach it as target practice and fire at rubber ducks or create some targets using legos. Or you can do what your kids will probably do anyway, which is to start flinging marshmallows at each other. Just make sure they don’t opt for increased firepower with marbles, or cherry tomatoes.

Balloon tennis

This one’s always a favorite with kids. All you need is a few paper plates, popsicle sticks, tape, and balloons. Tape together a couple of popsicle sticks, attach them to the back of a paper plate, blow up some balloons and you’ve got all you need for a ripping good indoor tennis match. You can use a couch for a “net,” not letting the balloon ball touch the floor. The first one who lets it hit the floor loses.

Science break

If the tennis and catapults prove too vigorous, take time out for science! If your kids love to “Ooh!” and “Aah!” over chemical reactions, the rainbow magic milk experiment is sure to be a hit. Pour a layer of whole milk into a dish, and squeeze a few drops of food coloring (your choice of color, or a combination of colors) into the milk. Dip a cotton swab into liquid dish soap, and then into the milk solution. Your kids will squeal with delight as colors pop out all over the dish as the soap reacts with the fat molecules in the milk.

Fun with math?

Hard to believe? No way, because math can be fun, especially if you use colored blocks to help your kids learn and sharpen basic math concepts like addition and subtraction. It’s a proven effective way to help young children who struggle with math.

The only way to make a day at home more fun is if you make your own fun. That’s the beauty of having your children create their own games and learn important principles with do-it-yourself experiments. You’ll have them watching the weather forecast, hoping for the next heavy snowfall.


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Written by Jenny Wise