Attachable Diaper Bag

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Multiple applications ~ Snap on to

  • Baby Carriers

    Specially designed to fit most baby carriers.  Simply: Wrap, Snap, and Go.

  • Strollers

    Attach to your stroller handles.  Pack one diaper bag for all day use.

  • Shopping Carts

    Active family on the go? Leave your bulky purse at home and find freedom with ease.

  • Travel

    TSA is a breeze: Small airplane bathrooms? Not a problem.

  • Gifts

    As a gift, unbeatable: Baby shower, baby welcoming, birthday, or mother's day this unique gift will WOW  her.

  • Create Attachment

    Invent new possibilities. Families are creating their own uses for the Attachable Diaper bag:  Wheel chairs, walkers, beach chairs... endless options.

Always Ready.

The Attachable Diaper Bag by k'Boodle simply snaps on to your favorite baby carrier. Organize your keys, wallet, diapers, wipes, phone, and more.  Leave your bulky diaper bag at home: Hands free and ready to play.


Made in the USA

k'Boodle is proudly made and manufactured in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

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